The Revitalized R.M.T. is a series of workshops created by Nancy Serron to improve the lives of massage therapists and their clients. Nancy Serron is a Chronic Pain and Sports Injuries Expert in Toronto, Ontario. As a Serron Methodâ„¢ Practitioner for over 20 years, she helps other R.M.T.'s save their bodies, get faster results and increase their income. What she is really passionate about is empowering R.M.T.'s to reach their full potential and attain career fulfillment. 

Nancy is a graduate of the Kikkawa College of Massage Therapy. She continued her postgraduate studies at Wellness Systems Inc. where she studied Matrix Repatterning with Dr. George Roth, the developer and founder. She also trained with Dr. Allan Austin, developer and founder of Trigenics, at the International Institute of Trigenics. Her continuing education includes Visceral and Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy Techniques, Strain Counterstrain, Sports Massage, Advanced Techniques for the Training Athlete, Craniosacral Therapy, Suikodo, Electrotherapeutic Point Stimulation and Aromatherapy. Nancy is also an NLP Master Practitioner, having studied with Richard Bandler, the co-founder.

Take Advantage Of The Early Bird Special 

 $497 + HST Early bird if you register before Jan 20/19 

 $597 + HST Regular price if you register Jan 21-24/19

Here is what You'll Learn

  • How to assess the body at the molecular level
  • How to integrate functional assessment
  • How to assess and balance the body's energy field
  • Treatment of the lateral and anterior chest wall
  • Treatment of the liver and spleen
  • Releasing and strengthening the upper back
  • Releasing and strengthening the upper, middle and lower traps
  • Releasing and strengthening the shoulder girdle and the synergistic muscles
  • Releasing and strengthening lateral, anterior and posterior neck muscles
  • Integration of the methodology and the concepts learned 

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